Origami Owl Designer Tip: Direct Emailing 101

by Kim Byrne on July 1, 2014

PinExt Origami Owl Designer Tip: Direct Emailing 101

Hello & Happy Tuesday! ♥ Here’s today’s Designer tip regarding direct email services and how they can help you in staying connected with your customers.

As a Designer, you may have asked yourself, “how much contact with my Origami Owl® customers is too much?” Or, “how much contact should I have with my customers via email?” Great questions! The answer is…..often, we simply don’t have enough contact.

Remember, we are in the business of relationship building. When we take positive action steps in working our businesses (online and in-person), building the relationships, and offering a quality product….we will have customers. Fortunately, we have the quality jewelry product in place. Now the rest is up to us (with the support of a Mentor and a team) to dive in, build our businesses, and nurture customer relationships.

Is a monthly or bi-monthly email to customers enough to nurture this relationship? No, it is not. It is a good start. However, sometimes we need to go above and beyond in creating relationships to build an extraordinary business, and I’m certain you want an extraordinary business. A good combination of reaching out via phone, text, email, social media and through your blog (if you have implemented one) is a great starting point.

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Now, you may ask yourself “well if I share e-mails with customers once or twice a week, is this too much? Is this too intrusive?” The answer is it depends on what you’re sharing when you send the emails. I have one social media guru whose direct email list I subscribe to and she sends emails to her list on an almost daily basis, and I welcome them. Why do I welcome such frequent e-mails? Because she offers valuable free tips, ideas, and resources in relation to social media.

I’m not suggesting that you must e-mail your customers daily. However, if you offer your customers something of true value or an extra service, I guarantee you they will welcome emails from you often. Also, make sure to create a conversational tone in your emails rather than a “salesy” one. Being awesome, wonderful you, and allowing your personality to shine through is important.

My Mom shared with me last week as I was speaking with a customer over the phone, “you sounded so happy to talk to that person. Who were you talking to….an old friend?” I was very pleased to hear her say this as this is exactly the tone that I want to convey to my customers and team members when I speak with them, happiness! I want to convey that I am genuinely happy and enthusiastic about speaking with them…because I am! I guarantee you a happy, conversational tone in your emails and over the phone will go a long way towards relationship building in your Origami Owl business.

Keep in mind if you send emails that are spammy and only talk about products, you will find a higher unsubscribe rate. Please don’t share only about the product, as fantastic as it is, we have to go a bit further and offer valuable or helpful content in our emails. What should you consider offering customers via email….

♥A personal story related to your business or why you started.

♥ Quotes, recipes, tips.

♥ Product specials.

♥ Spotlight a customer/hostess.

♥ The ability to request a catalog.

♥ A Jewelry Bar photo or two (with permission of those photographed).

It’s ok to have product photos in your e-mails, and one or two strategically placed jewelry photos can be a powerful visual. However, please make sure to have a photo of YOU in the email. In business, customers connect with people primarily. Yes, they also connect with products. However, think about what differentiates your business from others selling the same product…..it is YOU! Your personality sets you apart. Happy, shiny, positive amazing YOU. Customers do business with those they like and can build relationships with, thus in order to assist in this process, make sure to include a happy, smiling photo of yourself so that they are connecting with you on an individual level.

Starbucks knows about “personalizing business” oh so well….why do so many customers visit Starbucks? It’s not entirely for the coffee, they also visit for the excellent service and fun socializing from friendly, upbeat Starbucks employees.

There are many direct mail services out there, here are my top four. Make sure to do a little research on what fits your budget and business needs. Services can range from free to a nominal amount per month. Please note: you can also create a list within any Gmail account for free. If you select this option, make sure to “bcc” or blind copy everyone on your list when you send e-mails so that email addresses aren’t shared with other customers on your list. While Gmail lists are free, the functionality is limited compared to other services, however it is a good way to get started on a limited budget.

Direct email services that are worth looking at….

1) Constant Contact
2) Mail Chimp
3) S’more
4) Mad Mimi

Have a fantabulous day and happy connecting! Hoot hoot!

PinExt Origami Owl Designer Tip: Direct Emailing 101


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