5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

by Kim Byrne on May 16, 2013

PinExt 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

Are your shirts, pants and sweaters toppling into disarray in your closet? Do you have clothes you haven’t worn over the years? Some of us may even have clothes and shoes in our closet that date back to our high school days. Don’t let closet clutter overwhelm you. It might be time to spring clean your closet the Origami Owl way.

Let’s look at some photos for inspiration before we start our five Origami Owl ways to spring clean your closet:

If you like country style:
country 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

If you are having a baby:

having a baby outfit with origami owl 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

If you are always out and about:

Origami Owl Out and about outfit 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

If you are always wearing black and white and need a change:

Origami Owl outfit and accessories 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

Need a fun wardrobe:

Origami Owl fun outfit 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

Now that you have five inspirations on what your new wardrobe may look like, here are five ways to get organized and have fun:

One: What is your style?
Thank goodness we are all uniquely made and have different preferences when it comes to our clothes, shoes and accessories. Take a pen and paper and write down the following:
1. What are my favorite colors to wear?
2. Define your personal style. If you are stuck here, go to the mall and see which store you are more inclined to stay in longer. Some ladies like The Loft or Talbots. You may like Target or Abercrombie. Remember style does not depend on budget alone.
3. What accessories do you have?
4. Do you have shoes that match your wardrobe?
These are just a few basic questions to ask yourself before you start throwing away your clothes and start shopping. When you define who you are and what you like, it will be easier to get rid of clothes and shoes you haven’t worn. You will shop smartly for the clothes you will wear and not end up with a closet full of clothes and have ‘nothing to wear’!

Two: Start with two bins
Get ready with two bins or bags with one to donate and another to throw out. Once you are done cleaning, go immediately to your favorite charity organization and give your gently-used clothes. You may even find some places to trade your clothes, which is a great way to save money and recycle your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Three: Budget and shopping list
Make a list of the clothes, shoes and accessories you need including:
1. Where to shop – online or your favorite store in town
2. When to shop – wait for a sale or accumulate a few pieces at a time
3. How much money you want to spend
4. What accessories can help enrich your style and create different looks for the same outfit

Four: Swap clothing and host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar
Another way to spring clean your closet and save some money is to swap your clothes and host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. This is a great way to get friends and coworkers together and swap clothing, have fun, and start building an amazing locket to enhance your new wardrobe.

When you host an Origami Owl party, you will receive hostess rewards and jewelry. Everyone you have invited will get an opportunity to build and share their own personal story with their very own Origami Owl living locket. Plus, you will earn free Origami Owl jewelry while helping and having fun with your friends and family.

Five: Get a friend to help you out
You may be stuck in a rut and have no idea how to get started or spring clean your closet. If you are feeling that way, you are not alone. There are experts that will come over to your house and help organize your closet, toss, donate and sell your unused clothes.

Or get a friend to help you out. She or he may know your style more than you do. As Origami Owl Designers, my team and I share the joy of accessorizing with Origami Owl jewelry and occasionally we give a helping hand to spruce up someone’s wardrobe.

Call your Origami Owl Designer today. If you are looking for one, please let me know and I would be glad to assist you. Here is my Origami Owl website link http://thepinkprincessshop.origamiowl.com/index.cfm or email me at pinkowlkim@gmail.com

PinExt 5 Origami Owl Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet


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